P.A.S.E (Power, Acceleration, Strength & Endurance)

PACE designed to increase Power, Acceleration, Speed, and Explosion through repetitive motor development drills that increase speed and body range of motion while decreasing reaction time of the entire muscular system (muscles, tendons, and ligaments).

Youth Development

Youth Development

Youth Development is designed to improve neuromuscular control, stability, muscular endurance, cardio, strength and power of core body components. This program is a baseline for young athletes interested in strength training. This class is great for all athletes 6th grade and up.

Sunday Skillz

Sunday Skills

Sunday Skillz is designed to develop and hone each individual skill position football athlete. In this clinic we cover techniques such as, but are not limited to: hand-eye coordination, route coverage, stance start, coverage recognition, foot work etc.

Flash (Friday Speed) Clinics


This speed program help develop athletes balance and body coordination. Athletes will be able to move much faster all while maintaining endurance. Upon completion of a series of these clinics athletes will break speed barriers & set new speed records.

Adult Fitness

adult fitness

Adult Fitness is designed to improve the cardiac and respiratory systems in sedentary adults who don’t have time for 2-hour workouts. This program consists of a series of strength-training and aerobic exercises performed one after another with minimal rest. This class is great for all adults.

Superheroes Levels

superman level

Second to None (SuperMan): Developmental stage is for Expert athletes, at this stage the athlete has displayed and been tested utilizing all of his/her EU built skills along with talent to become the Elite of Elite Student Athlete; although continually training is suggested, at this point they have been prepared to play on a collegiate level.

captain level

Elite (Captain): Developmental stage is for Competent or Proficient athletes, this stage the athlete has enhanced in most of these areas: speed, power (weight lifting), resilience, leadership and overall human strength is excellent.

hulk level

Primary One (Hulk): Developmental stage is for Intermediate, this stage is designed for building the athletes body for power, speed, and injury prevention; Athletes can effectively train or perform in their sport without serious injuries.

panther level

Primary Two (Black Panther): Developmental stage is for Advanced athletes, this stage is designed for athletes who has intellect and experience in training; we focus on all the Novice & Primary One skills adding more leadership attributes to build a more Holistic Student athlete.

kryptonite level

Novice (Kryptonite): Developmental stage is for Beginners, this stage is designed to develop athletes human strength, stamina (endurance), mobility & hand eye coordination.