Hello Enhance U Family,

Courtney C. Carroll, LPCMental health can be a heavy topic, and hope this letter is helpful with explaining my passion and mission to serve adolescents and their mental health needs. I’m Courtney C, and I love young people. I believe in them and all that they bring to the world. I have been working with adolescents for the past 8 years through group, self-esteem building, and curriculum creation. My adolescent years were amazing and I truly enjoyed them. I was a high performing student and I was very involved in extracurricular activities. I was pulled to speak with donors, performed at all of the games with my dance team, and was in the top 10% of my class. However, there were very few times that I was asked “ Are you okay?” It wasn’t until I became a mental health professional myself that I realized how dangerous it was for a young person that is excelling to not have a space to be vulnerable. I often think about the moments that I suppressed so that I could be prepared for tonight’s game or for that competition. I’m sure that there were more than I remember. That is why I fully believe in the resource that Enhance U Sports Academy is offering to support the mental health of its athletes. I would love to provide a setting for your sons and daughters to be themselves outside of what they do. My hope is to provide groups sessions that will cover some of these topics but not limited to:

  1. Coping with peers
  2. Coping with injury
  3. How to compete mentally
  4. Transitioning (from jr high to high school to collegiate)
  5. Anxiety or Panic Disorders
  6. Addictions ( social media, porn, gaming)
  7. Family issues
  8. Depression
  9. Self Esteem
  10. Self Care

I’m extremely excited to serve Enhance U and offer the support that I needed as an adolescent. Thank you again Enhance U Sports for the opportunity. Let’s continue to make better athletes and better people.

Peace & Self Care,
Courtney Carroll MA,LPC

Update: Our first group session was a success! We had 15 athletes come out and join in. #yourmentalhealthmatters

Mental Health Matters Session